Facilitating Events At OU, Logistically – CTE Manual

Hand drawing on digitizer.
Teaching is my favorite part of my job—hands down. Yet, working in faculty development, there are significant logistical considerations that must be addressed every time I want to experience the joy of teaching. Over the last few years I’ve streamlined my approach to the logistics that precede my teaching engagements on campus. This is an […]

House Hunting for the Person You Want to Be

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that Chris and I have been doing some house hunting. We realized that we’re ready to get out of our current place and we’ve been falling in love with houses all over the city. For Chris and I, the location of the house is more important than the […]

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How-to sign up for Wiki Edu Courses

Wikipedia Education Foundation is a fantastic program that helps integrate the writing of wikipedia articles into courses. Wiki Edu spun off from Wikipedia proper a couple of years ago, and they’ve done a ton of work in that time to put together training materials for students and teachers and organizational tools to help manage classes. However, […]

Nadia Villafuerte in Norman, OK

This semester I had the great pleasure of hosting Mexican author Nadia Villafuerte at the University of Oklahoma, with the support of the OU Humanities Forum. We did a bilingual reading of her work, including my translation of “Chica Cosmo” which will be coming out in World Literature Today next month (stay tuned!). My Intro. to Hispanic Literature […]

Research and Support Sites in OU Create

On Friday, I had a couple of consultation meetings setting up OU Create websites. In the first meeting, Keegan and I met with Bill Endres. Bill came to OU from the University of Kentucky a year and a half ago and is now in the process of bringing over his wonderful research websites. He is on […]