Chromebook: Manual for Mac User – 2016

I’ve been exploring the current state of Chromebooks this past week and I wanted to document all of the analogous softwares and workflows I use to be productive on a Chromebook if you are coming from a Mac. From word processing to photo editing, here is my list of recommended software alternatives if you are switching … Continue reading Chromebook: Manual for Mac User – 2016

Goblin as OER

While the thought of gamifying an entire class or even elements of a class will be daunting for many, GOBLIN also includes more universal and applicable concepts.  Well designed games introduce game mechanics and then increase the difficulty of tasks to encourage mastery of those mechanics.  They encourage team work, challenging players to combine the […]

My first plugin

In my office (the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Teaching Excellence), we use Slack for internal communication.  Slack is a wonderful group messaging system.  I can message a single co-worker about a project that we’re working on or taunt them after my Red Devils beat their Gooners.  I can also post messages to office chat […]