iPadPaloozaOU 2017 Reflection

Looking over a crowd at a concert stage with concert lighting
As another iPadPaloozaOU comes to a close, I’m struck by how lucky I am to have access to this excellent local conference. Bravo to Anne Beck for being a force of nature when it comes to organization and the effort required to bring together students (pre-service teachers), K-12 instructors, professors, educational technology folks, administrators (and […]

Earworms: Sociology of Music (MUED 6032)

What is an earworm? The word alone can launch numerous conversations.  My initial thoughts take me to a particular scene in the movie Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. I won’t go into detail, but if you are familiar with the movie, you will know what I’m talking about. If not, and you are curious, … Continue reading “Earworms: Sociology of Music (MUED 6032)”

Application of Sociological Constructs in Education to Music Schooling (Froehlich, Chapter 7)

The social realities we encounter as music educators are an inherent part of our professional lives. Froehlich (2007) magnifies these realities by outlining several of the topics we discussed this semester. They include the achievement gap, which can be a result of socioeconomics, race, gender, and culture. Fortunately, music can be integral to students’ lives … Continue reading “Application of Sociological Constructs in Education to Music Schooling (Froehlich, Chapter 7)”

Musical Meaning and Social Context: Thoughts by Selected Ethnomusicologists and Cultural Theorists (Froehlich, Chapter 5)

Culture: an interesting term that can inspire different meanings from a variety of people. From a musical perspective, some scholars have separated the term into two meanings: (a) culture (music that is part of a person’s life) and (b) Culture (“high” culture, which is often associated with Western classical music). Froehlich (2007) draws upon the … Continue reading “Musical Meaning and Social Context: Thoughts by Selected Ethnomusicologists and Cultural Theorists (Froehlich, Chapter 5)”

Music and Social Context (Froehlich, Chapter 4)

When discussing music and social context, Froehlich draws upon the important connections between philosophical and sociological perspectives in Western music. Since our course is sociological in nature, please allow me to offer a few traditional philosophical approaches, which provide a basis for establishing the meaning of music: Referentialism: Musical meaning is extrinsic. Music refers to … Continue reading “Music and Social Context (Froehlich, Chapter 4)”

Chromebook: Manual for Mac User – 2016

I’ve been exploring the current state of Chromebooks this past week and I wanted to document all of the analogous softwares and workflows I use to be productive on a Chromebook if you are coming from a Mac. From word processing to photo editing, here is my list of recommended software alternatives if you are switching … Continue reading Chromebook: Manual for Mac User – 2016