Australia Adventures – How My Domain Helped Me Get A Job

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I’ll be heading to Australia to help RMIT University with their Canvas LMS transition. Since I just finished supporting the University of Oklahoma’s year-long transition from D2L to Canvas, I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned over the last year and using it to help RMIT use Canvas to its full potential. My goal […]

Reflections from #InstCon

This year, Instructure held their annual Canvas conference, #InstCon 16. The consciously kitschy summer camp theme drew from and heightened the stunning beauty of the host town, Keystone, Colorado. I attended with my colleague Keegan Long-Wheeler, and, over the course of the week, the two of us walked something like 35 miles along stream-side paths going from one conference […]

Embedding WordPress in D2L

One of the main limitations for learning management systems is that many are constructed as silos, hiding the course contents from anyone not enrolled in the class. This limitation encouraged me and many other instructors to turn to the web to publish syllabi and course contents in an attempt to open the academy to viewing […]

Using D2L for testing in class

Teaching Business Writing hasn’t been just about the writing. Quizzes and tests are an important aspect of the class, not only to test the students’ comprehension of the reading, but to later gauge what areas of the material the students didn’t comprehend so that I can retool my approach for the next semester. Because I […]

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