My Vision (and Search) for a Connectivist Graduate Program

Studens throwing their graduation caps to form a semicircle in the air in front of a sunset.
For the last year, I’ve been contemplating graduate school. I’m still researching and evaluating various programs around the world, but I wanted to take a second and reflect on what I desire from a graduate program. I have many answers to this question, but let me expand upon this idea: I want a graduate degree program where students teach … Continue reading My Vision (and Search) for a Connectivist Graduate Program

10 Notable Ideas From InstructureCON 2016

inflatable panda on a pond in Colorado under a blue, cloudy sky.
I’m aware that this post is overdue since InstructureCON concluded two months ago, but I wanted to share a few ideas from the conference. If you prefer a breakdown of the sessions I attended, I recommend checking out John Stewart’s eleven posts linked in his concluding reflection. EdCamp – InstructureCON Un-Conference 1. Canvas Mentor Professors: This … Continue reading 10 Notable Ideas From InstructureCON 2016

Reflections from #InstCon

This year, Instructure held their annual Canvas conference, #InstCon 16. The consciously kitschy summer camp theme drew from and heightened the stunning beauty of the host town, Keystone, Colorado. I attended with my colleague Keegan Long-Wheeler, and, over the course of the week, the two of us walked something like 35 miles along stream-side paths going from one conference […]

Canvas Live API #InstCon

In the first afternoon session, I attended Lindy Foster’s (Oregon State University) presentation ‘Live API for Non-Programmers.’ While I’m not a programmer or IT guy, I’ve found the API and LTI discussions to be the most interesting so far at the conference. I am really interested in how we can use the APIs to track student […]

Canvas API and Google Apps Scripts #InstCon

Jake Standish, the Director of Digital Learning Programs in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, presented on Canvas API Calls using Google Apps Scripts in the second session at #InstCon today. There was a companion Canvas Course that provides additional material. Custom API calls for Canvas #instcon — Erick Lizenby (@ErickLizenby) July 20, 2016 By using Google Scripts […]